This is who we are

A team of young, creative and modern thinking individuals, passionate about everything digital and
with a firm believe that their only limit is their imagination.
We are SonicomIT.


We are a creative and forward
thinking Web & Advertising Studio
offering a wide range of services, including
graphic design, web and mobile development, strategic
analysis and many others. We take deep pride in the fine crafting
and detail polishing of all of our projects and never failing to deliver and even surpass our client’s expectations. We believe that only
through pushing the limits of technology can we achieve
memorable and lasting experiences.
That is who we are.

SonicomIT was founded
in the beginning of 2012 in
Sofia, Bulgaria. It has been expanding
with incredible speed ever since. Shortly after,
the studio entered the international market by completing
few projects for companies abroad. Starting from just two people
it is now the loveable workplace of 9 young and talented individuals. SonicomIT has also earned wide recognition for its work in the field
of web design and development, by winning awards, such as Site
of The Day and being featured numerous times on popular
design galleries, like CSS Awards, CSS Pandemic and many others.
The very first project of the studio was also a finalist
in the 2012th Edition of the BG Site awards,
recognizing the best websites targeted at
the Bulgarian web users and market.
That is our ongoing story.

At SonicomIT we all love our
job. We love to create and we love to
invent. To discover new and exciting ways to
create and then to transpose them into our work. We love
that feeling of fulfilment we get, when we show the final look of
a client’s project with fluttering hearts. The anticipation of his reaction
of the final product and his astonishment. We live for that magical
moment. It’s what keeps us going on. It’s what inspires us
to outdo ourselves with everything new we start.
That is what we believe in.

Every single one of our
team understands the meaning
of clients trusting you and not letting
them down. Be it to create the look of their
brand or redefine an old one through a new identity
improve their online presence with an engaging new website
or simply connecting their business with their audience by using
social networks, they rely on us to assist them. So to help them
improve their presence, increase the sales, capture the attention
of the viewer and so many other things. And we manage
all with equal responsibility. For we believe that the most important
is to help our clients, push them forward through our work
and justify their trust completely.
That is how we work.